Lionell Guzman
art projects


“Hyperglot Caps, Earth Languages”
@ Chromatic Festival, Montréal

May 10th, 2019

Hyperglot Caps, Earth Languages, a PanoptiCorp AI project made with Jake Laffoley mischievously explores startup culture and the tech industry’s ritual of the keynote presentation to instill wonder and disbelief. CCPO (chief cult product officer) Pierre-Axel de la Soie played by Léo Hardt will launch a real-time language translation smart cap and give a lecture on the future of communication.

Pierre-Axel envisions a world in which Homo sapiens wear smart caps and are fluent in all languges. He believes we will soon be able to communicate with newborn children, domesticated animals, and the plantae kingdom. Furthermore, multilingualism is the key to overcome the increasing turn towards nationalism.

Like a magician, he will prove that the toil of learning and practicing languages is unnecessary since the invention of the Hyperglot Cap, Software Fernando 2.0.

For the full length click here. (French vers only)
Curated: by Alice Pouzet and Arthur Gaillard
Actors: Léo Hardt, Christine Comeau, Jake Laffoley, Lionell Guzman.
Videography: Miriam Abrahams
Photography: Miriam Abrahams, Guy Lheureux
Sound: Hublot 51, Étienne Labelle-Sylvestre
Lighting: Massiv Art, Usine C

As Part of Chromatic Festival, Montréal.